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Frank Pegueros'
1965 GTO

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Roger Berkvik’s
1979 Trans Am

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Big Chief's All New

Still Butler Powered!!!

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Mike Cooper's
New Pontiac Drag Car

Butler Powered of course!

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Chris Carrato's
1978 Trans Am

Features a Butler Performance 650 HP pump gas Pontiac Engine! This combo is based on a 455 block (4.5" stroke) and Edelbrock heads.

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The Indy Street Rods
1969 Judge

Butler Performance built the 505 cubic inch power plant with 665HP and 650lbs of torque. The engine features a F.A.S.T. fuel injection system and a custom breather that snugs up to the scoop vents on the hood.

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Detroit Muscle TV's
Trans AM Tribute

Power Nation's Detroit Muscle TV on the Spike Channel wanted to build a Trans AM tribute car and give it away!! They turned to Butler Performance for this Pontiacs power plant. Congrats to Donnie Hicks that won this car!!

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Gary Grillo's 1971 Trams Am

Gary purchased a 303 complete Road Race engine from using a 400 block and custom short stroke billet crank with , Victor Intake, Custom Roller Cam and B.P./Edelbrock Heads. Gary did a great job on this super nice road race car.

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Robert Elmore's
1978 Trams Am

Robert purchased a 535 cu in engine kit using the IAII aftermarket block from Butler Performance and built the engine himself. Also added a set of Edelbrock 325+ CFM CNC heads and a Victor Intake

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Justin has been a customer before the hit TV show Street Outlaws was around! He's been building his car that he calls "The Crow" for a couple of years. Justin went with a machined, balanced engine combination with custom turbo pistons that he assembled himself!

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Ernie Millon's Late Model Racecar

Ernie runs an aluminum BP/IAII block with BP/Edel CNC Wideport heads, BP custom
rotating assembly and custom B.P. cam/valvetrain.

Glenn Taylor's 1967 GTO

Glenn purchased a 467 cu in balanced rotating assembly along with a set of 87cc Edelbrock heads to put in this beautiful 1967 GTO that is mother bought new in 67. Car was then given to him when he was 16 years old and has had it ever since. Engine also has a custom grind Comp Cams hyd roller and a FAST EZ EFI 2.0 system. Also behind the engine is a 200-4R trans. Awesome Job Glenn!

Danny Mazzella's 1968 Tempest

Danny purchased a 462 cu in long block from Butler Performance and finished it out with a set of Edelbrock D-port heads. This engine also has a Edelbrock Victor intake and Butler Performance custom fab valve covers.
Best 60ft 1.41, Best ET 10.18@132 not bad for 3790lbs!!

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Allen Ray's 1968 Firebird

Allen purchased all his engine parts from Butler Performance and built it himself!! Including a 461 cu in balanced rotating assembly, a set of Edelbrock 87cc D-port heads, Comp Cams hyd roller camshaft, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and Tall Butler Performance fabricated valve covers. Behind the engine, he installed a California Performance Transmission 2004R complete AT trans kit w/ overdrive. All these parts make for a very nice Firebird.

Kyle Foreman's 1967 GTO

Kyle purchased a 467 cu in Unassembled Engine Kit with Edelbrock Heads from Butler Performance that he completely built himself. This engine also has a B.P. Custom Grind hydraulic roller cam and lifters which makes it very streetable and PUMP GAS friendly!

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Larry has a Butler Performance 535 c.i. Engine with a streetable hydraulic roller cam that made over 700 HP and 715 ft.lbs. torque on PUMP GAS!!!   Also Larry built the car himself in his own garage. Awesome job Larry

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Brian opted for a Butler Performance 505 c.i. engine that would run on pump gas and uses an hydraulic roller cam! This combo should lead to long engine life with very little maintance!

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Scott Wells' 1967 GTO

Scott is a football player for the St. Louis Rams, and had Tennessee Classic Automotive customize his 67 Goat. We supplied them with a 501 cu. in. Butler Performance engine that made 638 HP and 639 ft lbs of torque on pump gas.

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Dave Dillons 1969 GTO

Dave went with a 467 Butler Performance Balanced Rotating Assembly and ported Edelbrock Round Port Heads. This engine also has a very nice hyd roller camshaft and runs on Pump Gas.

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Roger Sanford's 1964 GTO

Roger went with a 467 cu. in. Butler Performance Stroker Kit, Edelbrock Heads and a tri power intake. The engine made 505 HP and 537 ft lbs of torque.

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Paul Delfeld’s 1964 GTO Convertible

Paul, who owns Ram Air Restoration, has just completed a long term restoration on his 1964 GTO Convertible. He put the original engine in storage and we built him a 461 c.i engine that produced 525 HP and almost 550 ft .lbs. of torque on pump gas

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Chris Burrow's 461 c.i. / 525+ HP Pump Gas GTO Judge

Chris purchased a complete turn-key 461 cu in engine with Edelbrock heads, Hyd Roller cam and our Forged Rotating Assembly. Built for Pump Gas and Very Streetable.

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Kyle Morse's 1964 Tempest

Kyle went with a 461 Butler Performance Stroker Kit and finished the engine out to complete the period correct look

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Dean Amos’ Beautiful Pro-Street Firebird

Dean went with a 535 Butler Performance Pro-Street Engine with BDS 8:71 Blower and March Serpentine system.  This combo made 880 HP and 778 ft.lbs. Torque

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Mark Galvan's 1972 Firebird "Thrust"

Butler Performance set Mark up with a turn-key 461 c.i. mild, pump gas street engine with ported 6X cast iron heads that produced 525 HP.  The restoration was done by Jeff Lilly Restorations

Pontiac Enthusiast Mag article on the car

Gallery of the car on Jeff


Ryan Tremblay's 535 c.i. / 820 HP Pump Gas Trans AM

We supplied Ryan a complete unassembled engine kit of our 535 c.i. with a Butler Performance / IAII Iron Block, custom rotating assembly, Butler/Edelbrock CNC wideport heads and custom comp cam kit, and Butler/ FAST complete EFI system.

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Bill Atlee's Beautiful, Show Quality 1963 Tempest Resto-Mod

Bill runs a Butler Performance 501 Engine (455 Block) with Edelbrock heads.

Kendal Goin's Pontiac Powered Mustang

We supplied Kendal of Goin Performance this 505  IAII engine kit and BP ported Edel. Heads (std. port) and custom cam.. Not only did Kendal assemble our engine on site, he also built this 89 GT from the ground up. He finished 3rd in points and is currently work on 2nd for the 2011 season. The Mustang has made a best pass of 5.17 @ 138 in the1/8th

Stephan Keiser's 1967 GTO Stephan is a Pontiac enthusiast from Switzerland and he called Butler Performance for a complete turn-key engine for his beautiful GTO. 461 w/ Edel. Heads. He received his engine tuned and ready to drop-in with a complete MSD ignition and all accessories installed. This is one of the nicest Pontiacs in Europe.

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Rodney Butler & Travis Quillen's
1963 Tempest Promod
482 c.i. ALLPONTIAC / IAII Pontiac Engine (2800 HP!!)
CNC wide Port, Edelbrock heads, Custom Intake, Twin Turbo, Fuel Injected Pontiac power, 2720 lb race weight
6.27 @ 228 MPH

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Roger Bolliger's Road Race Trans Am 730 HP, 496 ALL ALUMINUM traditional Pontiac engine(on pump gas) with std. port Edel. Heads. Roger needed lightweight and durability that only Butler Performance could provide. short in car video from his car at a F1 course in Germany(5 mb)

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Restore A Muscle Car's 1973 Trans Am

We provided them with a 700HP Butler Performance Engine Kit and RAMC assembled and installed it at their facility!

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Restore A Muscle Car's 1977 Special EditionWe provided them with a 474ci 600HP Butler Performance Engine Kit and RAMC assembled and installed it at their facility!

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Brad Spidel 's 1968 Firebird Brad runs a BUTLER PERFORMANCE 477 custom rotating assembly,  Edelbrock heads and intake, custom grind Comp Cams camshaft and an F-2 Procharger @ 22 lbs of boost. Rear wheel dyno numbers of 939 rwhp on stock suspension and a 10.5 tire.

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Jeff Kinsler's 1968 Firebird Street Car

4.99 @ 142  in the 1/8 Mile.
1st Ultimate Street legal nitrous car in the 4’s!!
Ran 8.05 @ 171 mph in his only ¼ mile event of 2013.

500 Pontiac engine with an IAII block and Butler Performance Edel. Wideport heads.Single Stage Nitrous. Stock suspension/drag radial equipped 3,300lbs

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Len Moore's 1955 GMC Superstock 4wd Pull Truck

Multiple points champion! Runs a complete Butler Performance 499 cu. in. engine. Uses factory RA IV heads and single 4 bbls on gas2009 UPDATE !  Lenny won 3 of his last 4 pulls and has had 4 second place and 6 third place finishes for the season.  Congrats to Lenny on a great season!!  (Lenny pulls against 15+ trucks at every pull including big inch Fords, Chevys and even Hemis).

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Prodigy Customs' Project Empty Nest Unveiled at 2007 SEMA in Las Vegas " - Powered by a Butler Performance/ALLPONTIAC.COM 535 cu. in. ALL ALUMINUM Pontiac Engine

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Introducing the Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am by YearOne.
Legendary style meets supercar performance in this limited production, hand-built muscle car.

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Danny Reegan's 1965 GTO
Danny is a long time customer of Butler Performance and he currently runs one of our 511 engine combos with our Edel. CNC Wideport heads. This engine dynode @ 895 HP with a single carb on gas and will be a consistent bracket race combo.

Congrats to Danny for winning the Big Chief class and the 2008 Pontiac Southern Nats.

David Kawallek's 1981 TA Street Car
9.90's / 137mph @ 3900 lbs. w/ DOT Radial Tires and Full Exhaust!! David's Trans Am is totally street legal and he always drives it to the track(only a 3.50 rear gear). He runs a 535 Butler Performance Engine Combo with our CNC Wideport Edel. Heads.

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Al Dombrowski's 1974 GTO

10.28 @ 129 MPH.
real street driver , 3650 lbs, full factory interior & body (power steering/brakes) drag radials, 373 rear, Butler Performance 496 ci Aluminum Pontiac Engine. Hyd Roller Street cam, D- port AL. heads, 93 octane Pump Gas !! .

Joe Galownia's SCCA Road Race 1975 TA

with a BP 461 CU. IN. long rod engine(400 block)with std. port Edelbrock Heads - Victor Intake(modified to fit under TA hood) Fastest fendered car (out of 120) at the last two races of the '05 season. Joe has not turned a screw on the engine since he picked it up dyno tested and ready to install from Butler Performance.

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John Bailey's 1991 Firebird with Pontiac Power

John is a long time customer of Butler Performance and runs in the N/A drag radial class. Best to date is an 8.65 @ 157.82 MPH with a 3,540 lb race weight.

time slip


We built an 850 HP 541 using an IAII block and Butler Performance CNC Wideport Edelbrock heads. A dual purpose car with Arrowhead power – Splitter was born

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Larry Quinns 1962 Pontiac Catalina. 8.95 @ 151 MPH!! Larry runs a Butler Performance Aluminum Block in his Pro Nostalgia Cat. Race weight is over 3000 lbs. and Larry shifts at 8200 RPM! Look for this car to be in the mid 8's once it's dialed in.

click here for a video of his car

Jerome Washer's 1967 GTO.

Jerome is a Pontiac lover from Belgium and he called Butler Performance for a complete turn-key engine for his beautiful GTO. 461 w/ Edel. Heads. Jerome received his engine tuned and ready to drop-in with a complete MSD ignition and all accessories installed. We also sent him a matching TCI trans./conv. combo and Moser bolt-in rear. We provide complete drive train packages for any Pontiac application.

additional images 1

Jerome Washer from Belgium
1967 Bonneville station wagon.

1 of only 29 4spd. station wagons produced in '67. Jerome calls Butler Performance for all his Pontiac performance parts, including a complete engine rebuild kit for his wagon's 428 power plant.

additional images 1 , 2 , 3

Tony's 1966 Pontiac Lemans

As seen on TLC's Overhaulin'.
a Butler Performance 455 engine w/500+ HP was used on this total restoration.

click here for more information

Steve Dickervitzís 1965 GTO convertible

Street driver with Butler Performance 467 D-Port heads, factory tripower, cast iron HO manifolds TH 400 and 3:73/1 rear gear. Runs on pump gas 4035 lb and runs mid 12ís in the 1/4.

Kris Krone's 1977 TA. Kris bought a complete turn-key 462 c.i. Engine from Butler Performance, with a March Serpentine System and B.P. Evac Pump Kit. His beautiful engine runs on 92 octane pump gas, w/Edelbrock heads and a custom grind Hyd. Roller cam. This VERY streetable combo made 576 HP @ 5700 RPM & 585 ft.lbs. of torque @ 3000 RPM !! Kris runs a 4 spd. Auto OD trans and custom torque converter from Butler Performance, to match his engine.

additional images 1 , 2

Gary Firch's 1981 TA- Butler Performance 505 Pump Gas Street EngineGary sent in a letter about his TA for us to share. Click the link below"

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Jim Koopman's 1966 GTO with a Butler Performance Engine(428 Block). Ported Edel. Heads, custom grind roller cam. Purchased complete turn key engine along with a matching TCI trans and custom torque converter from Butler Performance in '98, and still running strong.

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Doug Baril's 1968 Firebird Doug Baril's 1968 Firebird. Doug Built this beautiful Firebird from the ground up, using many engine parts from Butler Performance. This car is a perfect example of a Pontiac with modern comfort and performance that still retains classic styling.

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Dick Hornblad's 1972 Lemans convertible

Dick went with a Butler Performance 350 Pontiac Stroker Engine (407 This customer wanted to add big power and torque to his original Lemans while keeping it completely stock appearing and very streetable. We added one of our stroker kits and ported his D-port heads to add over 100 HP and 100 ft.lbs of torque.

Craig Anderson's Street Legal 1966 GTO

Craig called Butler Performance for a rotating assembly, cam and lifters and picked up 100+ HP from his old combo.

click here for his letter / testimonial

Paul Fargo's 1969 GTO JudgePaul bought a 505 c.i. Blueprinted and Ready to Assemble Complete Engine Kit from Butler Performance. Paul completely assembled the engine kit himself in his garage, with a little guidance from us over the phone. His kit featured our ready to bolt on, Ported Edel. Heads and runs on Pump Gas. Paul's street legal GTO weighs 3900 lbs. and runs Radial tires. He has ran mid 10's in a few initial test and tune passes, and says there is much more in it!

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Bob Bright's 1966 show winning GTO570 HP (@5900 rpm) and 560,(without nitrous), 467 engine with Edel. heads, hyd. roller cam, offy lowrise 2x4, and runs on pump gas.

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Mike Cooper's Show Quality 1963 Tempest
6.96 @ 195 mph.
Butler Performance 505 c.i. Engine with Tiger High Port heads and IAII block. 14:71 blower.

additional images 1 , 2

Butler Performance 1965 GTO
driven by Rodney Butler
1/4 mile ET 6.91 @ 201.9 MPH. Butler Performance 440 cu. in. engine - CNC wide Port, Edelbrock heads, Victor Intake, Twin Turbo, Fuel Injected, with mufflers, 3040lb race weight

Click HERE for the full version of our GTO making a pass - 3.1 MB

Click HERE for a shorter version of our GTO making a pass - .9 MB

John Welter's 2002 Top Sportsman Firebird 1/4 mile ET 6.82 AND 209.1 mph with his new Butler Performance combo! Look for this car to run 6.60's @ 215 in the near future.
Butler Performance 440 CI CNC wide port Edelbrock heads, Edelbrock Victor intake, EFI Alcohol , SINGLE TURBO dynode @ 2080 HP - 2600 lb race weight

Click HERE to ride along with John during a shake down pass! - .9 MB

Rodney Butler's Previous 1965 GTO

ET 8.55 @ 152 MPH. Butler Performance 497ci (455 block) w/Edel. Heads 2600lb Race Weight
David Butler's 1996 Trans AM

1/4 mile ET 7.61, 178 MPH.Bracket Race Combo Indian Adventures block,STD. Port Edelbrock heads with Victor intake and Dominator carb, Turbo 400 automatic transmission Single stage NOS. Ran 7.80's with 455 block
David Butler's 1990 Trans AM

1/4 mile ET 8.50's, 155 MPH. Butler Performance 467 cu in(400 block), D-Port heads, no Nitrous, 2450lb Race weight.

Jim Wanger's 1966 GEETO

10.31 @ 130 mph on Pump Gas and ET Street radials!!!!!

The Tiger has a 505 c.i. Butler Performance engine.
This very streetable engine combo runs on 93 octane, has Edel. heads and an Edel.intake. The Tiger is street legal and has a race weight of over 3700 lbs. NO NITROUS



2000 Ram Air TA with traditional Pontiac Power

built by Butler Performance for Pontiac's 75th anniversary display at the SEMA show in 'Vegas.
This car features a traditional Pontiac 400 ci engine with Edelbrock heads and round port headers, fully programmable Electronic Fuel Injection (custom unit by Butler Performance) 4L80E transmission, Moser 9" rear, Baer Brakes, and all factory accessories. This car was delivered to us from Pontiac as a V6 - 5 speed Firebird! Pontiac relied on Butler Performance to take on this unique TA conversion, and we jumped at this opportunity to showcase traditional Pontiac power in a 4th generation body.

1967 GTOAs seen on TLC's Overhaulin'. A Butler Performance 461 cu. in. engine was used on this total restoration. click here for more information

Lance Armstrong's 1970 GTO Convertible

As seen on TLC's Overhaulin'. A Butler Performance 461 cu. in. engine was used on this total restoration.

click here for more information

click HERE for more info on this car

1970 GTO

HPTV/Royal Purple Firebird
click HERE for more info


Mark Scordato's 1968 GTO Convertible

Mark chose a 565 C.I. Butler Performance engine in his show quality 1968 GTO convertible 5 speed street car. And yes he does drive this car on the street!!! WITH 892 HP. 745 FT LBS. TORQUE on 98 Octane This is a true "G" machine, with a couple of quick suspension changes along with a set of ET Streets(Front and Rear) this car goes from a street monster to a track terror. Runs mid 9's with limited traction
click HERE for more info on this car

Daniel Smith's 1991 Trans AM.

Runs 5.31 @ 131 MPH in 1/8 mile with a 1.13/60 foot. 2,630 lb race weight, with his new Butler Performance bracket race engine, New block, BP/Edel. CNC wide port heads, on Gas, no NOS. Very consistent and durable, Daniel has been a multiple race winner this season!

Larry Cooper's 1970 TARunning his new Butler Performance 525 engine. Uses an IAII/Butler Performance Aluminum Block and out of the box Tiger heads with a Victor intake. Larry ran 8.80's at his first event(Norwalk) with his new bracket race engine combo. Look for this car to only get faster once Larry buys some wheelie bars!

Click HERE for more images of this car

Scott Tiemann's (Super Car Specialties)
1966 GTO

9.48 @ 139.95 MPH - 1.28 60 ft
(with only a few passes on the new combo-look for this car to be in the low 9's soon)
Butler Performance 487 cu in combo
805 HP @ 6400 rpm and 704 ft lbs of torque!
(400 factory block)
BP wide port Edelbrock heads. Victor Intake, only a 270 @ 050 roller cam.
3320 lbs raceweight with driver. No Nitrous.Full interior less rear seat. 400 turbo transmission. All steel except for fiberglass hood.

David Sealey's 1971 Firebird

9.48 @ 141 mph NO NOS - 3350 lbs, stock suspension, Full interior, show winner, completely street legal. Dave runs a Butler Performance bottom end (455 block) and our std. port Edel. heads and victor intake. He also runs one of our custom built TCI converters. 2003 10" tire Natural Outlaw Class winner and season points champion.

Ray Cox's 1978 TA

Competes in XSTREME STREET in the Pro - Edelbrock Series. Best et of 8.53 @ 161 mph 3400 lbs with mufflers and all necessary street equipment. 10.5" tires. Ray runs a 478 CI Butler Performance engine with our CNC wideport Edelbrock heads, victor intake and single stage NOS
Tommy Thompson's 1966 GTO

3375 lbs race weight, runs 9.28 @ 146 on 9" radial slicks. Tommy runs Pro Stock in the Pro-Edelbrock Series. 515 CI Butler Performance Combo(No NOS) single 4 bbl carb.

Willy and Bill Krechs 1999 Firebird

7.13 et @ 195 mph. BP 505ci engine with Butler Performance CNC wideport EDEL. heads. PG trans.
with single stage NOS and FAST EFI fuel injection (set up by Travis Quillen)

Bill bracket races this car in Top Sportsman events.

"Quick 400"
Craig Berkheimer's

stock-appearing 1969 Firebird runs 10.20s @ 129 mph at approx. 3300 lbs. Craig purchased a complete Butler Performance 416 cu. in. long rod engine, ready to install. His engine uses #16 D-Port Heads, Torker II intake and only a 10.75:1 comp. ratio. No Nitrous.

Barry Fritz's 1965 GTO Streetcar

Runs 10.07 @ 132 mph with full interior, runs thru the mufflers. 3600 lbs. Has complete Butler Performance 467 cu. in. engine with
heads and single 4 bbl. Stock suspension, also uses BP custom built torque converter. No Nitrous.
Matt & Joe Tankersley's 70 Super Gas GTO's

Joe is a multiple time champion in IHRA Super Rod and now competes in Quick Rod. Matt is highly competitive in Super Rod, picking up where his dad left off in that class.
Both Matt and Joe run BP 474 cu. in. longrod combos
Jack Spore's Pontiac Powered Swamp Racing Buggy

Finished 3rd in points standings w/Butler Performance engine components.

Arnie Beswick's Original 1963 "Tameless Tiger"

Rebuilt and restored by Donnie Reeves. Run's mid 8's w/ Butler Performance 440 CU. IN. long rod engine

Video of the Tiger at our track

Dexter Bennett's 1962 Pontiac Tempest

8.80's @ 3000 + lb race weight w/ Butler Performance 505 Cu. In. bracket engine. New block - Edel. Heads -Victor intake on gas. Look for Dexter to be deep in the 8's for the 04' season with his new Butler Perf. CNC Wide port Edelbrock Heads
Steve Moran's 1984 Firebird

8.52 @ 159 mph (1.1160 time) Runs Butler Performance 501 CU IN engine (455 block) w/2 2 bbl carbs, turbo 400 trans, 3.89 rear gear (no nitrous).
Chris Weivoda's Pontiac Powered Circle Track (Dirt) car.

Uses Butler Performance 461 CU IN long rod engine (400 block) 
Robert Cooper's 1965 GTO

Tripower 10.14 @ 129 mph (he even sent in time slips w/ picture) 474 CU IN long rod engine w/ Butler Performance components. Edel. heads. Ultradyne Hydraulic! cam, and a tripower intake. 3500 lb race weight. (no nitrous)
Thomas van Wanrooy's F1 Stockcar
Thomas runs this F1 Stockcar in the Netherlands. It has a 462 Pontiac engine with a Butler Performance Custom Roller Cam Kit
Tom Herman's Street Legal 1971 Gran Prix

(3600 lb race weight) 8.80's @ 152+ mph, w/ conservative tune-up. Runs a Butler Performance 475 CU IN engine w/ BPI CNC wide port heads and victor intake and elec. fuel injection. Runs thru a full exhaust system, has 10.5 " tires and uses a single stage nitrous kit.
Dan Sweeney's 2001 Top Sportsman Firebird

7.50's @ 180+ mph using 1 stage nitrous (he has two) BPI 541 CU IN engine, Butler Performance CNC wide port heads, PG trans. 2550 lb race weight.

Don Spada's 1968 Firebird ConvertibleDon turned to Butler Performance and purchased our 467 stroker kit, Ported Edelbrock heads and Intake, cam kit, all necessary gaskets, March serpentine system, and most of the other misc. parts to complete his pontiac engine. He used his block and had it all assembled locally in Hawaii with technical assistance from Butler Performance.additional images 1 2 3


Jim and Brandon Brady's Rear Engine Dragster

7.80's @ 170+ mph. w/ Butler Performance 505 CU IN engine. Std. port Edel. heads. Reliable bracket race combo.
Roger Manson's Pontiac 4 cylinder Powered Jeep Dragster

Run's mid 8's quarter mile w/ Butler Performance std. port edel. head and other engine components.
Larry Anderson's Show Quality Trans Am Bracket Racer

Runs 7.90's @ 180+ mph w/ BPI 505 CU IN engine w/ Butler Performance Edel. CNC wide port heads. Single 4 bbl single state nitrous kit.
Mike Cooke's Totally Stock Appearing Trans Am

10.80's @ 123+ mph w/ 455, #62 D port heads, 3.42 gear Butler Performance solid lifter cam shaft. Car has completely stock interior, full exhaust system and 10 bolt rear.

Jeff Taulbee's street legal 1979 TA.Butler Performance 537 c.i. engine. IAII/Butler Performance aluminum block 950 HP (@7200 RPM) and 765 ft.lbs. of Torque(NO NITROUS).

Click HERE for more images of this car

Jay Nell's 1969 Judge

Butler Performance turn-key 467, hyd. roller pump gas engine with TKO 5 speed trans

Click HERE for more images of this car

Pontiac GTO Judge Restomod Tribute

Butler Performance provided a balanced stroker kit for this car.  It was displayed in a booth at the SEMA show in 2011



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