Larry Gattis' 1964 GTO

Larry has a Butler Performance 535 c.i. Engine with a streetable hydraulic roller cam that made over 700 HP and 715 ft.lbs. torque on PUMP GAS!!!   Also Larry built the car himself in his own garage. Awesome job Larry

"Hi, David
I installed my new engine and worked out all the details (there are always a lot of them) and it runs great!  The torque is amazing, and will snap your head back at 80mph. I have the gear vendors overdrive and can run 70mph at less than 3000 rpm.  At 60 I can punch the overdrive off, floor it, and the car really comes alive!   If I am in second over and punch to 2nd under, it will get sideways at 50 mph when I nail it.  A/F ratio runs around 12 most of the time and there is never any kind of bog.  It was close fitting under the hood, so I found an obnoxious red breather that worked with a 72 Corvette base. Thanks for your excellent work;  I am truly impressed!  Here are some pics of my ride!"

2786 Hwy 43 North
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

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