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We have Pontiac engines for any application from 12 second daily drivers
 to 10 second pump gas street engines to 7 second race engines. We also have combinations for circle track, truck pulling, marine and more. Come to us for all your Nitrous, Supercharger, Turbo or Fuel Injection needs.

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Butler Performance is one of a few who specializes in Pontiac engines. We do testing on our own track and work with various companies to design products for better Pontiac performance. We have parts custom made for our assemblies with some available exclusively through Butler Performance. We have an inventory of blocks, cranks, and heads that we will build for you, or you may send us your own core. We are also constantly searching for the most durable products at competitive prices. Not all parts from Butler Performance are listed.

Butler Performance has engine combinations from 350-600+ cubic inches that can be used for street, street-strip, bracket racing, heads-up racing, circle track, truck pulling, marine, and more. Engines may also be designed for the use of a blower, turbo, nitrous, or electronic fuel injection systems. We have rotating assemblies, engine kits (for you to assemble), short blocks, and complete engines that are dyno tested and ready to install.

Send us your Engine--We can build your current shortblock or longblock into any of our combinations using your existing parts that pass our inspection for quailty. This may result in a much lower cost to you.  We will send you an engine cradle to ship your engine on and we will arrange shipping at a discount rate.  Call or email for details and an estimate.

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Cylinder Head Services

Butler Performance ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. After years of extensive R&D both on the flow bench and on our track, we have developed some of the best performing round port and D-port cast iron Pontiac cylinder heads ever. These heads can be ported for optimum performance on a 450 HP street engine or a 800+ HP racing engine, and everything in between. We have ported D-Port heads that run low tens in 3,700 lbs. stock suspension street GTO's to heads that run 8.50's in a 2,400 lbs. bracket car. We also specialize in porting RAII, RAIV, H.O. and S.D. round port heads.

The port work prices include fully ported intake and exhaust ports, deburred chambers, pushrod holes elongated for 1.65 rockers, and removal of excess casting material in oil drain back areas. We can use your heads or we can provide cores. We keep most casting numbers in stock.
(Core charges vary with casting numbers-call for availability.)

A valve job is highly recommended after porting, even if your heads have been recently worked. We can do port work and a valve job only or return your heads to you complete and ready to bolt on. All Butler Performance heads come with a blueprint sheet and flow chart.

Many of the prices listed below may be included in a complete head rebuild package price

Visit our Cylinder Heads page for more info

[including info on our Aluminum heads]

Street-Strip Port Work 240-250 cfm @ 28" H2O (adds 50 + HP)
$795.00 pair
Race Port Work 260-270+ cfm @ 28" H2O tested up to .700" lift
$950.00 pair
Disassemble Heads
$35.00 pair
Clean & Magna Flux
$45.00 pair
Valve Job - 3 angle competition - includes valve grinding - Done w/ serdi equipment. Each port vacuum tested to assure a perfect valve seal.
Starting at $145.00 pair
Replace & Fit Valve Guides - Bronze or cast steel
$132.95 pair
Install Hardened Exhaust Seats
Starting at $150.00 pair
Surface - 3 Sides to Clean and Square Up
$90.00 pair
Mill - Deck or int. side
$140.00 per side
Fill Heat X-Over w/ AL
$95.00 pair
Machine for valve guide seals
$40.00 pair
Machine Spring Seats
$80.00 pair
Pull Press-In Studs and Tap for Screw-In (does not include studs)
$150.00 pair
Clean, Blueprint and Assemble w/Blueprint Sheet
$120.00 pair
C.C. Head Chambers
$15.00 per chamber
Flow Test Heads - 1 int & 1 exh. Port per head
O-Ring Heads
$150.00 pair

Edelbrock Aluminum Heads

Edelbrock Performer RPM heads produce outstanding horsepower with excellent low speed torque and throttle response. Designed for 1965-79 389-455 c.i.d. Pontiac engines, these heads are patterned after the 1969 -70 Ram Air IV Pontiac cylinder head. Two styles are available: a street legal 87cc combustion chamber version for low compression applications using 92 actane fuel and a 72cc chamber version for higher compression, racing applications. Both heads have Ram Air IV exhaust port flanges.

BP has conducted extensive flow bench, dyno, and track testing with these heads, all resulting in great performance numbers. We have cylinder head packages for any application, from 6&7-second racecars to 8 & 9 second street cars and even daily drivers. Call for a cylinder head combo to fit your needs.

All BPI heads have polished chambers and the pushrod holes are slotted for 1.65 rockers, included in the prices.

All BPI Edelbrock in-stock heads can be upgraded with roller springs, titanium retainers, milling, o-ringed, etc. for additional price. Or, you may send your Edelbrock heads to BPI to be ported and upgraded for improved performance. Call or email for a detailed estimate.


We Ship Worldwide @ Very Competitive Rates

All cylinder heads & rotating assemblies ship UPS. We offer low truck freight rates on short-blocks & complete engines. We will arrange shipping both for pickup and delivery if building or upgrading your own engine. FREE engine cradle with all short-block & engine purchases


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