Butler Performance Edelbrock CNC Wide Port Cylinder Heads

Butler Performance's CNC wide port Edelbrock heads are some of the best flowing Pontiac heads available today. These heads have completely CNC ported intake and exhaust runners, so they are much more consistent port to port and head to head than any other "wide port" or "high flow" Pontiac cylinder heads on the market. After much time spent on design and flow testing, Butler Performance has determined that CNC porting provides a far superior cylinder head when removing the amount of material required to achieve these flow numbers.

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BP/Edelbrock Heads, wide port/CNC ported-up to 370 cfm(depending on bore size). Complete with 2.19/1.77 stainless valves, 10 deg retainers and locks, Roller springs, Ready to bolt on.



T&D Offset Shaft Rockers for BP Wide Port Heads- 1.5, 1.6, 1.65 Ratio



Crower Roller Lifters .200 Offset- Tall Body-Pontiac Bar



Pontiac Standard Height Offset (.180) Roller Lifters



Pontiac Standard Height Offset (.180) Roller Lifters w/ Pressure Roller Pin Oiling



Pontiac Wide Port/Super Chief Intake Gaskets  2.48" X 1.48" (Set)


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compared to stock Edelbrock


High Performance Pontiac's article on our Wide Port Heads


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