Ryan Tremblay's 535 c.i. / 820 HP Pump Gas Trans AM

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Ryan sent us this email telling us about the engines performance

"Thanks Butler Performance for the amazing combination. 829hp, 700ft lbs. on 92 Octane pump gas, all under a factory hood and working shaker. Over 1100hp with NOS. This combo is insane. The FAST EFI system makes it a true street machine with the drive-ability of a Ferrari no matter what the weather is. Just turn the key, step on the gas, hold on, and scream.  You sent me all the parts I needed to build my own engine with the utmost of professionalism all the way.  I have already put over 3000 street miles on the engine with no issues and not even a change in valve lash- insane durability and street manners given the high HP combo. I have had the opportunity to do a top speed run on a runway, and I was able to hit an estimated top speed of aprox. 203 mph (325kmh) on pump gas, in less than 20 seconds (The car is good to 180 mph and then starts to float!) I then turned right around and drove home and averaged 20+ mpg."

(Ryan runs a TCI 6X / 6spd AT Overdrive electronic transmission- contact us for details about this cool new trans. from TCI)


UPDATE 1/2014
Ryan ran his car at the track, but only got to make one full motor pass and then one full nitrous pass before he was kicked out of the track for not having a full roll cage!  
9.72 ET on motor (pump gas!!)
8.73 on single stage nitrous

Again Ryan was able to do this with only 2 full passes on a 10" ”slick.  And he drives the car up to 200 miles to race!


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This is a Trans Am unlike any other. If you are looking for the world’s fastest quarter mile car, then this is not your car, because you would end up with an empty bracket car with no interior and a fiberglass body. This is likely the fastest true street Trans Am that you find. If you want insane street performance, in a car that can kick ass at the track, light the tires up when your already driving at 60 mph on the street, a true street cruiser that starts easily, idles and drives with no hesitations or hiccups regardless of the weather, enjoying a kick ass stereo, reliability, then this is your car. I built this Trans Am to cruise down the highway at only 2100 rpm, tuned for great fuel economy, a car that you can drive hundreds of miles to a street shoot out or track, run remarkable numbers and drive it home all on one tank of pump gas, or cruise to the local show and shine to turn heads. This is the ultimate 2nd Gen Firebird giving you Show/Race/Street. The complexity of engineering, custom parts upgrades, and extra labor to make it all fit, hidden away under a factory steel body with a full interior, took 5 year of planning. This was the first Pontiac ever to use a dual sync distributor for sequential fuel injection. It made a record setting 829hp on pump gas. Featured in Pontiac Enthusiast 2010.

I build custom cars for clients and documented this build sheet for the insurance was $230k at discounted labor rates. The raw cost for the car and parts alone was $120K plus 2200hrs labor. On 10” slicks, this car has run 9.72 pump gas, 8.73 on NOS (which got the car banned for 2 years from that track at sea level). It was built to be a street car, so it only has a role bar, not a full cage. As a result, I only run very low 10’s at my home track (3000ft altitude). You can easily upgrade to a full cage if you want to bracket race faster than 10 seconds. With the 6speed TCI 6X over drive trans and pump gas, she has been to 206 mph, and then 220 mph (352 kph) with the converter locked up. I do not recommend going over 170 mph without making aero dynamic upgrades. It was a 2 time heart pounding experience to test the top speed, so fast, still pulling hard, and at 170mph the front end starts floating wanting to take off.

-Butler 535 AI2 iron block with FAST fuel injection XFI system. CNC wide port heads, off set T&D shaft rockers, just too much to list. The Victor intake milled down and a custom hand made air cleaner base was made so that the engine fit under the hood with a functioning Factory shaker. The Nitrous spray bar was actually mounted right through the intake plenum instead of a spray plate. Every engine part was built for extreme durability. Feel free to push hard at the track and drive all the street miles that you wish. Butler will tell you that you could not build a stronger or higher performing naturally aspirated Pontiac engine. Engine has 500 miles on new lifters, valve springs, and engine bearings. I ran 3000 miles before change these items. They were all fine, the valve springs were still within 10 lbs of pressure from when the engine came off the dyno, and the bearings were spotless. But, I already had the parts when I opened the engine so I installed the new ones anyways.

-FAST XFI system with data logger, and wired in to control, fans, fuel, NOS, traction control, sensors for everything from monitoring converter slippage to crank case pressure so you know when the rings are starting to go. 2 full days was spent tuning on the dyno, plus days and days of street and track tuning. There is a switch on the dash to access 4 programs. Security mode, (the car starts but will not rev over 1500 rpm or run with over 10% throttle), driving mode, race mode, and alternative fuel mode.

-Factory fuel tank with sump pickup, A2000 pump with a fuel controller so it does not burn out the pump on the street

-Exhaust is hand fabricated 3.5” all mandrel bends, one of kind handmade 3.5” X pipe and even handmade and chromed 3.5” dual Trans Am tail pipes connected to Hooker Super Comp 2” ceramic headers (headers have ¼” steel skid plates ) and very large Flow Master 50 Series mufflers had to notched to fit the frame and drive shaft. You can actually have a conversation in the car, and when you step on it, it sounds like a NASCAR engine. There are some mean and amazing sounding cars on the street. Everyone says that they have never heard anything like this Trans Am. It truly sounds likes it belongs in NASCAR or INDY.

-Engine detailing- when you open the hood, the reaction is always wow. It is like a jewelry store. The fire wall was smoothed to a mirror finish. All wiring hidden, the front and rear engine plates look factory. Some parts were 1 off such as MOROSO made a clear anodized vacuum pump (instead of blue) and it looked so good that they now offer it in their catalogue. Transmission lines are hand bend stainless steel, fished through the frame with fittings flush welded to the frame near the transmission so the braded hoses just run to the frame. Even the fuel lines run to the cowl area of the firewall to clean finished flush welded fittings.

-Transmission is a TCI 6X (4L80E conversion) that can run as 4 or 6 speed mode, even has paddle shifter with display. There was some real work to mount the paddles to a factory steering wheel. A 2500hp rated converter with lockup, ensure that you will not break the converter.

- Front and rear frame is tied together with 3”x2” bar fitted through the floor and the floor is finished to fit carpeting. The engine has both front and rear engine plates to stiffen the front of the car.

-Rear axle is Moser 9”, with back bone support, 35 spline, 2000hp rated Detroit Locker, 3.89 gears, Will Wood disc brakes, ladder bars and QA1 adjustable shocks with coil overs on all 4 corners

-Full interior, rear seat frames modified for the raised floor that accommodates the Ladder bars and oversized muffler. The front seats are inexpensive racing buckets, simply I have tried other aftermarket seats, and these are the most comfortable to my back issues. No expense spared in Extra time in details to make simple things look factory. The switch plate on the dash took 2 years to track down carbon fiber that was an exact match to the Auto Meter gauges, and was fabricated to bolt directly in place of the heater controls. Even the labeling of the switch plate looks factory.

- Custom owners manual with full electrical schematics, manuals from almost every after market part on the car, engine installation and removal procedures, etc..

-Paint has a few small rock chips from street driving, but we all see the most minor flaw the car we own. Everywhere I take this car, people are amazed at how smooth the body and paint is. You cannot get a paint job this smooth under $20k (there was 500 hour just in wet sanding and polishing). It is very hard to find a 1976 front bumper that is not spider cracked, so a mold was made and a 1 off hand fiberglass bumper made and looks completely factory. The rear bumper is a 97 tail light swap, but was done to look completely factory, so the tail panel was changed and installed that even the seam sealant was done to match factory (car show judges have argued that this is actual a 1979 with a 76 front end). Everything else on the car is steel and every spot of rust was cut out (not covered).

I have owned this car for a long time, and greatly enjoyed it in every way possible, especially since the complete tear down and final build up 5 years ago. I just do not have the time to enjoy the car, and I will be moving to tropical country where there is just no place to give her the roads she needs. It is time for someone new to enjoy this special Bird. Other than the role bar, this car is a sleeper. At shows, people often wonder why it even has a bar. And then the engine fires up and a crowd builds. You know what they say about letting sleeping dogs lay… Or should we say sleeping Chickens…

Price $75,000.00 .

Contact Ryan by email for more info: salesproryan@outlook.com

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