Dean Amos’ Beautiful Pro-Street Firebird

Dean went with a 535 Butler Performance Pro-Street Engine with BDS 8:71 Blower and March Serpentine system.  This combo made 880 HP and 778 ft.lbs. Torque


Dean had this to say in a letter to Butler Performance

"Hi David.  It's been a little while and just wanted to drop you a note, give you and update and tell you how much I appreciate the job you guys did on the motor.  It is very rare that I ever hire out engine building and other work, since I have always done this myself.  It's seems whenever I have had to hire out, many times I have to redo their work to get things done correctly.  Very few places take pride in their work as if they were working on their own cars nowadays...

With all this said, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the excellence you guys put into my engine build and tuning.  The motor runs absolutely perfect without a single issue to date.  Believe it or not, it is actually very pleasant to drive on the street (considering how radical this one is for the street) and of course without need to say, this setup makes some INCREDIBLE power and torque!  I picked up almost 2 additional lbs of boost in real air situation than what showed on the dyno sheets. Even with the MSD tuned on the conservative side, I bet I am in mid-900HP range on premium pump gas without a hiccup.

Anyway, please thank Jim and Rodney for me and my personal thanks to you specifically for all your help and the time you took with my order.  I have been taking the car to a lot of local car shows and have received best of show, first or second place in every single one we've attended (which is a rarity for this many attended shows).  Therefor, you guys have been getting a lot of publicity and praise down here in the Dallas area.

Anyways, thanks again for everything.  I have included a couple pics to see the final product.  If you're ever in the area, let me know...
Best regards, Dean"


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