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461 cubic inch Pontiac turbo combination from Butler Performance

 Butler Performance is one of a few who specializes in Pontiac engines. We do testing on our own track and work with various companies to design products for better Pontiac performance. We have parts custom made for our assemblies with some available exclusively through Butler Performance. We have an inventory of blocks, cranks, and heads that we will build for you, or you may send us your own core. We are also constantly searching for the most durable products at competitive prices. Not all parts from Butler Performance are listed.

Butler Performance has engine combinations from 350-600+ cubic inches that can be used for street, street-strip, bracket racing, heads-up racing, circle track, truck pulling, marine, and more. Engines may also be designed for the use of a blower, turbo, nitrous, or electronic fuel injection systems. We have rotating assemblies, engine kits (for you to assemble), short blocks, and complete engines that are dyno tested and ready to install.

Listed below are a few of our most popular engine and assembly combinations, but many more are available. Prices listed with short blocks and engines will be less with your cores and other parts you provide to us. We do custom built engines for any application or just to fit your personal taste. Call for a free detailed estimate.

We can build shortblocks or complete engines using
any of these assembly combinations

We have rotating assemblies from 350 to 600+ CI for any application.
If you don't see what you need call for availability.

Our longrod assemblies offer the ultimate in durability and performance!

These assemblies utilize the lightest, strongest pistons and pin design available. We use only the highest quality ROSS Pistons in all of our long rod assemblies, not the cheaper pistons that many retailers sell at a similar price. Our ROSS pistons have the best weight to strength ratio on the market, and use our own proven Butler Performance designs.
Nitrous Safe.

These Butler Performance rotating long rod assemblies come standard with H-beam 4340 forged steel rods from Eagle or SCAT (unless otherwise noted), two of the best names in the business! Bolt upgrades available if needed.

Up grade your engine or rotating assembly with the following add ons

Dish or Dome Ross Pistons
ROSS +$50.00
*except for 455-474 c.i. ROSS kits/ These kits have +$199.95 upcharge for dish or dome which also includes custom bore sizes*
Custom Bore Sizes

except for 455-474 c.i. ROSS kits/ +$149.95 

ARP 2000 230,000 psi rod bolts
 (upgrade for std. ARP 8740 190,000 psi rod bolts)
Total Seal Gapless Rings 2nd or Top
Assemble Rods and Pistons
press fit or bushed
$80.00 (Bushed) / $96.00 (Press-Fit)
Aluminum rods
Contact Us
Oliver Billet or Crower Forged Rods
Contact Us
Billet Crank 
(any stroke/main/rod journal dia.) including Ultra-Lites   Or Convert your Forged Crank into an Ultra-lite 
Contact Us
Balance with Heavy Metal (when required)
Contact Us

Convert any of these rotating assemblies and stroker kits into an Engine Kit or Complete Engine- scroll to bottom of page

"All assemblies are internally balanced and require a neutral balanced flexplate or flywheel and harmonic balancer."

Rotating Assemblies Info
376-382 cu. in.
for 326 Blocks  -  NEW!!
383-413 cu. in.
for 350 Blocks
406-412 cu. in.
for 400 Blocks
416 cu. in.
for 400 Blocks

421-446 cu. in.
for 389-400-421-428-455 Blocks

447-453 cu. in.
for 389 Blocks
461-467 cu. in.
for 400/428/455 Block
455-468 cu. in.
for 400-428-455 Block
461-474 cu. in.
for 428 or 455 Block
487-501 cu. in.
for 400-428 or 455 Block
472-523 cu. in.
for 400 and aftermarket Blocks
505-511cu. in.
for Aftermarket block
535-541 cu in.
for Aftermarket block
565-601 cu. in.
for Aftermarket block

We can do Engine Kits, Shortblocks, and Complete engines using ANY of the rotating assembly combinations from the above list. If you don't see what your looking for , contact us- we can put together any combination you need.


We are your
one-stop source for
Pontiac Performance
from parts to complete
dyno-tested engines!
We have engines for any application from 12 second daily drivers
 to 10 second pump gas street engines to 7 second race engines. We also have combinations for circle track, truck pulling, marine and more. Come to us for all your Nitrous, Supercharger, Turbo or Fuel Injection needs.

Call, fax or e-mail for a FREE detailed estimate

Cylinder heads and Engines require only a deposit to start your order, not full payment in advance. We have flexible payment options available. Call or email if you would like more payment info.

Send us your Engine--We can build your current shortblock or longblock into any of our combinations using your existing parts that pass our inspection for quality. This may result in a much lower cost to you.  We will send you an engine cradle to ship your engine on and we will arrange shipping at a discounted rate.  Call or email for details and an estimate.


Complete Engines ready to ship today
Complete EFI Kits
Add to any BP Engine
Aftermarket Cast Iron block
Aftermarket ALUMINUM block

Short Block KITS
unassembled -Street or Race versions

Short Blocks
350-600 cu. in.
assembled -Street or Race versions
BPI Engine Combinations
350-600 cu. in.
BPI Crate Engine
461-474cu. in.
400 or 455 Block
461-501 cu. in.
up to 650+ HP 625+ft lbs. torque
505-541 cu.in. Crate Engines
with aftermarket block
* NEW  700 HP & 700 ft/lb.  STREET Engine on PUMP GAS !! *

Engine Transport & Storage Cradle

Click here for our engine oil and oil additives


We Ship Worldwide @ Very Competitive Rates

All cylinder heads &rotating assemblies ship UPS. We offer low truck freight rates on short-blocks & complete engines. We will arrange shipping both for pickup and delivery if building or upgrading your own engine. FREE engine cradle with all short-block & engine purchases

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