New Cast Crankshafts

We sell cast cranks from both Eagle and Ohio Crankshaft.
These crankshafts are new cast pieces made with modern material and
casting processes to be a great alternative to 30 year old factory cranks.
Many factory cranks we check have stress cracks, so even though your
crank has not broken yet, you may have a problem developing that could
destroy your engine.

*New Low Prices !!*

Part #
Pontiac 400 Cast Crank, 3.00" Mains 4.000" Stroke-2.200" / BBC Rod Journals
3" main Cast Crankshaft x 4.250 stroke 389-400 blocks (up to 467 cu in). This crank has 2.200" rod journal diameter. Must use rods with BBC big end; ie, 6.800" length Eagle or Oliver rods and appropriate pistons. See 461-467 assemblies.
Pontiac 4.00" Stroke, 3" Main Cast Crankshaft-STD 2.250" Pontiac Rod Journal
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3.25" main Cast Crankshaft x 4.210" stroke. For 421-428-455 blocks (up to 468 cu in). This crank has 2.250" rod journal diameter.Must use rods with Pontiac big end.
See 462-468 assemblies.
3.250" main Cast Crankshaft x 4.250" stroke. 421-428-455 blocks (up to 474 cu in). This crank has 2.200" rod journal diameter. Must use rods with BBC big end; i.e., 6.800" Eagle or Oliver rods and appropriate piston.
See 467-474 assemblies.


Armor Coating for Eagle Cranks
(Can be added to any Eagle crank)



This picture shows the only area that normally needs to be clearanced to put either a 4.25" or 4.500" stroke crank in a Pontiac 400 block- although any new part should be installed and all clearances checked prior to final assembly because of factory production variances.

Below is taken from an article from Popular Hot Rodding Mag Oct. 07 issues

"It's been 30 years in the making, but Pontiac enthusiasts now have both aftermarket cast and forged cranks at their disposal. In the late '90s, Butler Performance teamed up with Eagle to produce the first aftermarket Pontiac crank, a cast-steel 4.250-inch unit for 3-inch main 326/350/389/400 blocks. Just this year, Butler Performance released 4340 forged cranks in 4.000-, 4.250-, and 4.500-inch strokes for 3-inch main blocks. The company also offers 4.000- and 4.250-inch 4340 cranks for 421/428/455 blocks with 3.25-inch mains. "Before we released these cranks, the only option was offset grinding a stock crank, which netted an extra 4 to 5 ci," David Butler says. "Forged cranks are so reasonably priced these days, there's no reason to even bother with a stock piece."

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